Your 2011 Crush and Run winners are:

50 Mile Course:

Open Men

  • John Gore
Open Women

  • Amanda Ragle
Single Speed/Fixed Men

  • Andy Norris
Single Speed/Fixed Women

  • N/A

100 Mile Course:

Open Men

  • Jim Simms
Open Women

  • Andrea “Honeybadger”
Single Speed/Fixed Men

  • Nathan Taylor
Single Speed/Fixed Women

  • N/A
700x23c Men

  • Dustin Greer
700x23c Women*

  • N/A

  • Sharp Emmons

Registration is CLOSED
If you haven't registered, you'll have to wait until next year.

We encourage anyone and everyone interested to come out and try. You will have 9 hours to complete either route. This will be a race for only a handful of people, and we want everyone else to finish strong and proud. If you are looking for a challenge, or reaching for that next goal, we would love for you to find it here.
Finishing is all that matters.

The sponsors, organizers, and anyone having anything to do with this race are NOT responsible for your safety. You are responsible for you.
Each rider is considered to be on a private excursion and remains solely responsible for any accidents in which he or she may be involved. No responsibility can, or will be accepted for riders becoming lost, stranded, injured or killed.
If you are in trouble, call for help first. Call us second.

If you are local to Nashville, you can donate 5 books to Ride for Reading by dropping them off at the Nashville Bicycle Lounge. If you are not local and can not drop off books, you may either mail books to the Nashville Bicycle Lounge, or go to Ride for Reading (.org) and make a donation to purchase 5 books.

Once you have made your donation, you will be put on the list and will receive an email with your registration form.

There will be two options:

  • 50 mile or 100 mile course.
  • Those choosing the 50 mile course will have 9 hours to finish.
  • Those choosing the 100 mile course will have 9 hours to finish.
  • Choice of distance must be made when registering. No exceptions.
  • A course map for the first 50 miles will be handed out one half hour before the beginning of the race.
  • If you choose the 100 mile option, you must finish the first 50 miles in 4.5 hours or less in order to receive the second map. No exceptions.
  • If you do not finish within the allotted time frame, you will receive a DNF.
  • There will be no pre-ride or course description.

You may use what ever type of bicycle you like. There will be much gravel and crappy roads. Make your decision wisely. You are responsible for you.


The field will be limited to 100 riders.
Once registration opens, the first 100 people are in. In the event you are registered and decide not to participate, we will be happy to pass your entry on to the next person in line as long as you let us know. Registration is CLOSED.

To enter the Crush and Run, you must donate 5 books to Ride for Reading. You donation can be made locally by bringing 5 books to the Nashville Bicycle Lounge, or visiting Ride for Reading (.org) and donate $10 to purchase books. Once you make your donation, you will receive an email with instructions on how to register. Registration is CLOSED.

There will be a mandatory pre-race meeting the Nashville Bicycle Lounge Friday evening, September 30.
You must attend this meeting to receive your race number.
No race number, no racing.
The location of the start/finish will be announced at this meeting. It will be within a 30 mile radius of Downtown Nashville.


With the route new to all of us, even our guide, we were elated to see what it had to offer. The terrain includes everything from open and fast road bike style pavement to gravel, chip-stone, crush and run, and just plain pothole crap. Gear selection for the single speed and fixed riders will be very tough.

There will be no updates or info beyond this... just to keep it interesting.

Race/Ride Categories:

50 Mile Course:
  • Open Men
  • Open Women
  • Single Speed/Fixed Men
  • Single Speed/Fixed Women
100 Mile Course:
  • Open Men
  • Open Women
  • Single Speed/Fixed Men
  • Single Speed/Fixed Women
  • 700x23c Men*
  • 700x23c Women*
*All the categories are obvious except the 700x23c. This class is for the hardest of hardcore. You will have to complete the entire 100 mile route on 700x23c tires within the allotted time. There is no 50 mile option for this class. If you would like to use 700x23c tires in the 50 Mile Course, you may in the Open Class.

All categories have First Place winners only.

Second place is just the first loser.


The rules are simple, you are on your own.
  • you must carry or find all of your food and drink along the route
  • let me say it again: you must carry or find all of your food and drink along the route. be sure to have enough provisions to travel 50 miles off-road without running out of water or food. you are responsible for you.
  • there will be no hand-ups or teams working together. you are doing this on your own.
  • the use of GPS is banned. you must be able to read a map and follow cue sheets. the route will NOT be marked in it's entirety
  • if you leave the course, you must start again where you left
  • you may not advance by any other means other than your bicycle or by foot
  • if you are racing single speed or fixed, you must use the same ratio/gear inch the entire time
  • if you break down, you must fix it. no outside help, tools, or support, even from other racers. be sure to bring enough tools and supplies in the event of any break down. you are on your own.
  • you must cross the finish line with your bicycle, even if you are walking
  • You are completely on your own. Use your head. Look and yield for traffic. There will be no one to hold up traffic for you. if you ride out in front of a bus and get killed, it is your fault.
  • Riders must wear an ANSI or Snell approved helmet, must obey city, county and state laws and Rules of the Road, and conduct themselves in a manner that will not bring discredit to the event
  • All racers must use and carry with them a flashing red taillight and front light, as well as a cell phone for emergency. don't call us, call for help. You are on your own.

This event will happen regardless of weather. PREPARE. You are on your own.


These people showed up
50 mile
002- Marsha Williams- 3:13
004- Ian Reynolds- 4:37
008- Jeffrey Davis- 3:43
010- Chrysa Malosh- 5:52
011- Max Otterland- 4:37
013- Bob Butsch- 5:52
014- Andy Luther- 3:43
015- Johnny Crow- 4:37
016- Robbie Woods- 4:46
019- Monster McConnell- (11am start) 4:40
020- Jason Swaggart- 3:39
021- Rick& Heather Harriss (tandem)- 3:43
022- Wes Robinson- 3:39
024- Michael Crouch- 3:36
025- Neil Fronheiser- 3:13
027- Jeff Scott- 4:24
028- Jameson Simms (12 years old)- 4:24
029- Andy Norris- 3:39
030-Dr. Butcher- 4:22
031- Greg Lawrence- 3:37
032- David Lindsay- 3:48
033- Steven Myers- 3:33
035-Chandler Perdue- 3:39
036- Rondre the Giant- 4:37
037-Timothy Dennis- 3:21
038- Chris Cooper- 3:33
039- Bryan Crawley- 3:45
040- Graham Gerdeman- 3:15
042- Jose Alea- 3:14
043- Jessica Owings- 3:17
046- JP McNeely-3:14
047- John Gore- 3:13
050- Lisa Stevens- 4:37
051- Gregg Wilson- 4:33
052- Chris Paterson- 4:39
053- Stephen McAuley- 4:34
054- Eric May- 3:31
055- Stanley (yes. That Stanley)- 3:33
056- Corey Kruze- 3:33
057- Amanda Ragle- 3:13
058- Steven Ragle- 3:13
059- Chris Beres- 3:14
060- Alan Zhang- 7:27
062- Stephen Hackett- 3:33
063- Miles Baxter- 3:38
064- Ruthie Myers- 4:24
065- Jason Oakley- 3:47
066- Libby Cothren- 4:38
068- Ivan Chester- 3:31
069- Jason Moore- 3:14
100 mile
003-Wade Ostrowski- 50: 3:35 100: 8:35
007- Pumptrack Jim- 50: 2:50 100: 6:06
018- Josiah Lightle- 50: 3:13 100: 7:05
023- Nathan Taylor- 50: 3:16 100: 7:04
048- Dustin Greer- 50: 2:50 100: 6:06
061- Andrea “Honeybadger”- 50: 3:13 100: 6:34
067- Sharp Emmons- 50:2:50 100: 6:06